State Key Laboratory of Bio-organic and Natural Products Chemistry,
    Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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The 2014 BNPC Annual Meeting
2014_groupPhoto for prize winner 2014_cxfXiaofang giving a report 2014_lfxFaxiang giving the poster 2014_xxqXingqiao giving the poster
Group pictures for students graduated in 2016
2014_groupPhoto of lab members 2014_cxfPhoto of lab members 2016_3Graduate Students 2014_groupDr.Faxiang Li 2014_cxfM.S Yujiao Guo 2014_lfxDr. Xiaofang Cheng
Group picture for student graduated in 2018
2018_1Photo of lab members
Group pictures for student graduated in 2019
2019_1Photo of lab members 2019_2Graduate Student 2019_3Dr.Shichen Hu
Group pictures for students graduated in 2020
2020_1Graduate Student 2020_2Photo of lab members