State Key Laboratory of Bio-organic and Natural Products Chemistry,
    Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Principal Investigator :
Dr. Lifeng Pan Dr. Lifeng Pan
Research Staff :
Dr. Jianping Liu Dr. Jianping Liu Dr. Yingli Wang Dr. Yingli Wang Tao Fu Dr.Tao Fu
Postdocs :
Liqiang Shen Dr.Liqiang Shen
Graduate Students :
Zixuan Zhou Zixuan Zhou Ying Li Ying Li Yaru Wang Yaru Wang XinYu Gong XinYu Gong Miao Li Miao Li Xiaolong Xu Xiaolong Xu Mingfang Zhang Mingfang Zhang Yubing Tang Yubin Tang Yuchao Zhang Yuchao Zhang
Undergraduate Students :
null Null
United Training :
Null Null
Alumni :
Dr.Shichen Hu Dr.Shichen Hu Dr.Yukang Gong Dr.Yukang Gong Dr. Xinqiao Xie Dr. Xinqiao Xie M.S.Yujiao Guo M.S.Yujiao Guo Dr.Xiaofang Cheng Dr. Xiaofang Cheng Dr.Faxiang Li Dr. Faxiang Li LY M.S.Yue Lv